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We were recently blessed to work with Clowns from the Tits crew on our websites logo, super stoked on the outcome, we decided to make a limited run of  tee shirts. You can cop yours on our store. Store.TalentedVandalz..com


In this artist spotlight we followed Versuz around the streets of Los Angeles, through downtown alley’s, rooftops, empty lots, billboards, and permission walls to document the versatility he brings to the graffiti culture. Known as one of Los Angeles’ most dedicated graffiti artist’s, Versuz talks about how he stays motivated, how he prepares for a night of bombing, and how he plans to stay ahead of the competition. Special thanks to KzerGabeGallery (IG @KzerGabeGallery) and Hunter Photograpghy (IG @hunter_) for the photos.

Check out this Video Our boy Drifo from Guadalajaras Eyos crew put together from our recent trip to Colima Mexico.

Augs and Buge Go Apeshit from AC_in_CA on Vimeo.